Qualcomm claims it can build better chip than M1

Chipmaker Qualcomm recently said that it can compete with the M1 chip by having former Apple engineers work on it.

Cristiano Amon, Qualcomm CEO mentioned that while AMD and Intel do not have silicon that compares to the M1’s efficiency, they could eventually produce a chip that can rival Apple’s.

In an interview Amon said that in order to compete it will have to create its own silicon. Currently, Qualcomm uses ARM for mobile devices but a recent acquisition of Nuvia, a chip design firm comprised of former Apple engineers can allow the company to produce its own laptop chips next year.

Qualcomm’s modems are used in the iPhone 12, which came after a long legal battle between the two over patent licensing. Both parties agreed to a deal in 2019 and have been in partnership ever since.

Apple is said to be developing its own modem chip to become independent and eventually end its agreement with Qualcomm.

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