Qualcomm unleashes 5G modem with 10-gigabit capabilities

Chipmaker Qualcomm has announced its first 5G modem chip that can handle speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second. The Snapdragon X65 is rumored to be a component in the 2022 iPhone.

The antenna system and 5G modem’s 10 gigabit capability will be underutilized as internet technology catches up, but users should be able to experience faster 5G speeds, as well as benefits such as mmWave frequency global support, enhanced sub-6 GHz and mmWave band coverage and better power efficiency.


Like its predecessor, the Snapdragon X65 can run both sub-6Ghz and mmWave bands simultaneously for low-latency and high speed coverage.

Qualcomm and Apple settled a dispute for its chipset and now has the rights to use 5G modems, beginning with the iPhone 12 and its Snapdragon X55. A court document reveals that the Snapdragon X60 will be used in this year’s iPhone models while the X65 will be for 2022 iPhones.