Quanta factory workers in Shanghai, China have staged a second riot as reported by China Times.

Quanta MacBook

The Quanta facility, known for manufacturing the MacBook Pro, initially went into a riot in early May and as a protest against restrictive COVID lockdowns. China has adopted a zero tolerance policy in COVID cases to try and mitigate the spread of the virus.

The second riot saw workers in anti-COVID gear, breaking into housing dormitories of Taiwanese specialist employees. The China Times reported that the people chanted ‘roll back to Taiwan’ and ‘down capitalism’, and there were several security officers as well as Shanghai police who were in attendance. Quanta head officers say that they are not sure what caused the riot and are investigating the matter.

The Quanta facility in Shanghai is mainly for producing laptops, the MacBook Pro among them for several brands. Operations in the site are expected to resume once the situation has been dealt with.


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