QuickPath Swipe Keyboard in iOS 13 Offers Users a New Way To Type


Apple has caught up with the competition in terms of providing its users with a new way to type. On the iOS 13, you can now enable QuickPath, a swipe-based input option that can make sending messages faster.

QuickPath Swipe Keyboard in iOS 13

The QuickPath keyboard works best when used in conjunction with the QuickType bar. Your iPhone recognizes past swipes, offers suggestions and auto-completes sentences as well.

This addition brings about a higher quality of life for iOS users as they won’t have to download third-party keyboard swipe apps and have to toggle between multiple keyboards to get Memoji, access dictation and others.

Users will be quick to note that the QuickPath keyboard helps when they need to type out quick messages and do it with just one hand (or thumb).

The iOS 13 will be available to iPhone users this fall, and a developer beta program has been released during the WWDC 2019.


Samantha Wiley

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