Quote Tweet Search Feature Goes Live


Twitter is rolling out a new feature for users around the world. You can now search for quote tweets due to them being separated from regular tweets.


Before the update all quotes were considered non-unique, which makes finding them more difficult. They are now relegated to a dedicated section.

Quote tweets are those that have been reposted with comments. It also underwent a change of name, from ‘retweets with comments’ to ‘quote tweets’. Furthermore, GIFs, videos, photos and text can accompany a quote tweet.

To check quote tweets you can tap a tweet, then tap the ‘quote’ option. Choose ‘quote tweets’ and you’ll be presented with all retweet with comments from other users. Regular likes, replies and retweets remain on dedicated sections.

The change is now rolling out to all Twitter users around the world. Make sure to update the app on the App Store to see the update. It’s available on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS 12 or later.

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