Apple recently updated its 13” MacBook Pro with its latest generation scissor switch keyboard. However, it appears that the pricing of the product was not full and final, a report by MacRumours suggests that customers in the US will now have to pay $200 to choose the 16GB RAM version over the 8GB RAM whereas the company previously charged $100 to do so.

Apple hikes the price of RAM upgrade in 13″ MacBook Pro

Also, the change in the pricing appears to not apply only to the US but also to the countries of the European Union (EU). The price of RAM upgrade from 8GB to 16GB previously cost 125 euros but now it has been increased to 250 euros which is a massive hike in price.

The report by MacRumours read, “What makes today’s change unusual beyond the fact that it is an increase rather than a typical decrease is that the 13-inch MacBook Pro just launched less than a month ago.” It is indeed very shocking to see an increase in the price of a product instead of a decrease. We hope Apple reveals the reason behind the huge price hike to upgrade RAM.

The report by MacRumours also added, “It is considered an updated model with changes like the new Magic Keyboard and it’s extremely rare for Apple to adjust pricing so soon after launch, suggesting an unexpected increase in Apple’s costs being passed along to consumers.” Of course, we do not know the reason behind the increase in the price of RAM upgrades at the moment.

The recently released MacBook Pro has been controversial because it’s expensive. The base configurations of the laptop feature the older 8th generation Intel chips. However, to get the latest 10th generation chips, buyers would have to spend upwards of $1799 (USD).

Apple is also expected to release the updated MacBook Pro in India soon.


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