Rare 1988 ‘WristMac’ expected to reach $25K to $50K in auction

A 1988 smart watch with AppleTalk technology and developed by Seiko will be hitting the auction block, and experts are saying that the end price is expected to land anywhere between $25,000 to $50,000.

The ‘WristMac’ Seiko watch’s most notable use was onboard the space shuttle Atlantis. The New York Times reported in 1991 how the shuttle had a Mac Portable for email use, and how the ‘WristMac’ was similar to the Apple Watch in features.


An unopened, unused and original WristMac is now heading in a ComicConnect.com auction. The company will be opening bids from November 22 through December 18. ComicConnect co-founder Stephen Fishler said that the item was an ‘incredible find’ and serves as an early example of wearable computing tech, and how it’s appearance 30 years after it was made makes pricing difficult.

Originally, the item was bought at a closing-down sale for $50 in a Connecticut Mac warehouse. Bidding starts at $1 at the official ComicConnect website.