Rare Apple I Sells For $471K in Auction

A fully-functioning Apple I machine was placed on the auction block at Christie’s in London and sold for £371,000 or approximately $471,000.

The machine itself is very unique as it’s built into a briefcase and still works. Along with the briefcase computer, the auction winner also takes home an ultra-rare Apple I original Preliminary manual, early schematics papers, a Motorola M6800 microprocessor, a Panasonic RQ-309DS cassette recorder, a PR-40 SWTPC alphanumeric printer, a cassette interface card that was modified and a Sanyo VM4209 monitor.

Also, the new owner gets the following- Apple I Owner’s Club documents, a Steve Jobs’ article, Apple, HP, Pixar and Atari stock certificates, Apple I drawings, a license plate that has the old rainbow Apple logo, a Specimen bond note and business cards of Ron Wayne, Wozniak and Steve Jobs.

The first Apple I was sold 43 years ago for $666.66. Now, only 80 machines are believed to exist. The previous Apple I that was sold on auction fetched $355,500 in 2017. The highest Apple I to have been sold went for $905,000 in 2014.

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