Apple is now allowing reader apps to add a link so users can go to their website and manage their accounts.


The Cupertino-based company uploaded an update Wednesday, amending App Store guidelines to benefit ‘reader’ apps, or those that display content such as books, newspapers, magazines, music and videos outside the iOS ecosystem. Apps such as Spotify and Netflix can be categorized this way, and are allowed to do so as long as users are not encouraged to transact outside the Apple marketplace.

Apple says that these apps must not support p2p services or in-app purchases when utilizing external web links. The company typically bans outside links, especially alternate payment platforms to deter steering techniques on the App Store. Apple only relaxed its guidelines when new laws in Japan forced it to comply with in-app link policies. Even while the change was focused in Japan, the Cupertino-based company said it would apply to all regions.


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