Realme Watch looks like an Apple Watch rip-off

Apple Watch is the best smartwatch in the industry, period. There is basically no competition to the Apple Watch as Google failed to cook a decent experience along with its OEM partners. However, that does not stop competitors from continuing to make new smartwatches.

Realme, a relatively new Chinese company which has seen huge success in India largely because of the very apt pricing of their products. The company has now released a smartwatch named “Realme Watch” which looks very identical to the Apple Watch. It can basically be considered an Apple Watch rip-off.

The Realme Watch has been priced at Rs. 3,999 ($53) in India. The smartwatch will go on sale on the 5th of June. It will be sold through India’s e-commerce giant Flipkart and also through Realme’s own channel/website.

The smartwatch offers a lot for the price – for which very often, you can buy a very dull fitness band. It has a display with 320×320 resolution and curved glass edges very similar to the Apple Watch. The display measures a 1.4 inch and it is an LCD panel. 

The Realme Watch runs on a custom skinned version of Android. The company has added 14 sport modes to the watch as its own “on the top” features. The watch can be used to control the phone’s music, access camera, and it also shows notifications from the phone when connected.

 The Realme Watch also has a heart rate sensor which has become a very common feature. Almost all cheap fitness bands also have this feature and they are not very reliable. Do not let the “heart rate monitor” feature fool you into thinking that it’s a great deal. 

We have not tried the Realme Watch, so we cannot comment on the working of the heart rate monitor feature on this specific watch but we have tried similarly priced budget fitness bands and they do not provide accurate information.

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