A recent patent submitted by Apple reveals plans to make a first-party game controller that attaches magnetically to the iPhone.

Apple Patents

The patent proposes a ‘magnetically attachable gaming accessory’ with a mechanism that’s similar to how an Apple Pencil would attach to an iPad. Apple headlined it specifically under the ‘gaming’ niche, but covers devices such as the iPhone and the iPad. Going outside the box, it’s outlined that the magnetic accessories will have differing strength depending on how they’re stored, detached or attached. The accessory does more than just connect to the side- Apple mentions that it will be able to pass data to the iPad or iPhone.

The patent submission mentions six inventors, which include Julian Missig, who was responsible for a Sidecar patent which shares data through multiple displays.

Apple patent submissions are indicative of what Apple is planning for its future products, but the products themselves are not guaranteed to appear to consumers.


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