Record Podcasts and Chat Hands-Free On Your iPhone With The Discounted Lightning Microphone

When recording podcasts is life and you don’t want to be caught unprepared when inspiration strikes, a handy and high quality microphone will be worth its weight in gold.

Right now you can get the Shure MV5 Microphone for just $79, down $20 from its original price of $99 on Amazon. Shure’s digital condenser mic is versatile in that it can be used hands-free via the included desktop stand. What’s more impressive is the fact that it has a Lightning adapter that works with your iPhone for on-the-go audio recording purposes.

Shure’s MV5 gear is excellent when your smartphone or laptop’s built-in mic isn’t enough. Custom-tuned mic capsule offers one of the top audio in its class. Limiting, compression and EQ are auto-optimized for the best results. It’s also Apple MFi certified, which means it can be used on any Apple device without needing extra adapters or connections.

Check out with the Shure MV5 Microphone at $20 off before stocks run out!

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