Reddit experiences data breach, hacking

Popular social community platform Reddit has been hacked, with 89GB of compressed data up for ransom.

In February, Reddit announced that they have been the victim of a hack through a phishing email. The BlackCat gang sent emails in April and June, demanding the company pay them $4.5 million to recover the data and threatening to leak the data if the ransom was unpaid. BlackCat also mentioned that Reddit roll back API charges that was the general sentiment of the platform.


Reddit recently announced a fee increase of its API, which caused discontent in the platform. The change will shut down third party Reddit apps as it was too steep for them to continue. As part of the protest, some subreddits have threatened to ‘go dark’ to express their discontent with the change. However, the management shows no signs of relenting or changing the fees, which will apply starting June 19.