Reddit is down once again

It’s not just you! Reddit is down for everyone around the world. Users that are trying to access are given “Our CDN was unable to reach our servers” error.

Reddit down

According to downdetector on twitter, Reddit has been facing downtimes today for the last 20 hours. While the reason for those downtimes remains unknown.

Reddit down

Usually, when the main website is down, the old website remains accessible. At the time of publishing this article, the old Reddit domain was accessible while the main domain remained offline.

Our CDN was unable to reach our servers

If this is the first time you are searching the “Our CDN was unable to reach our servers” error, this isn’t the first time. They have a lot of history when it comes to downtime ;).

Reddit Status

Reddit Status

For some odd reason, the Reddit Status website appears to be showing “All Systems Operational”.

504 gateway timeout

Update: It looks like many Reddit users are getting the error “504 gateway timeout”.

Reddit user reactions on Twitter

Is Reddit Down

Update: It’s been over 30 minutes now that the website remains inaccessible.

Update: The website continues to remain offline for over an hour now.

Update: Reddit continues to be offline for over 2 hours.

Update: After 2 and a half hours, Reddit is back online.