A Redditor recently posted that the Samsung flagship camera feature ‘Space Zoom’ is more of a cheat than reality.

Space Zoom

Currently, Samsung’s flagship lineup Galaxy features a high zoom count (up to 100x) that’s augmented by 3x and 10x cameras with AI Super Resolution. As a result, the camera can get far-away shots and was deemed ‘Space Zoom’.

A lot of users have used Space Zoom to take pictures of the moon. However, the level of detail could be higher because of AI effects. The Reddit post explains why the Space Zoom photos are ‘fake’, and went on to discuss it in a lengthy post.

The user downloaded a high-res moon image and downsized it to 170×170, then put in a gaussian blur to further downgrade the details. Then, they took an image using the Samsung smartphone, which offered more details. In conclusion, the post says that Samsung is using AI model to put craters and details where there aren’t any.


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