The refreshed Apple Maps has started rolling out in Taiwan.

Apple Maps

Justin O’Beirne, Apple Maps expert recently posted on social media that the redesigned Maps is undergoing testing in Taiwan. Apple has yet to announce the arrival of Apple Maps to the said region, and not all users have access to the update yet.

The redesigned Apple Maps has several advantages, including greater accuracy and detail on parks, roads, trees, and green spaces, as well as a 3D view of buildings and landmarks. Functionality-wise, the improved Apple Maps offers augmented reality where available, turn-by-turn walking directions, and better navigation. Apple says it’s a more ‘immersive’ Maps experience.

The design launched in 2018 in Northern California, and slowly became available in most parts of the US. Apple soon added other countries, including Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Croatia, Austria, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. The rollout of the redesigned Apple Maps in Taiwan is expected to be complete by June.


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