Redesigned iMac to launch later this year

Apple is set to unveil redesigned iMacs sometime this year. The design of the iMac has not largely changed since 2009. In 2012, the company only reduced the thickness of the machine by removing the SuperDrive and making some internal changes. However, the design of the machine from the front and the back has remained totally unchanged since 2009 – except for maybe the repositioning of the SD Card reader.

The major striking visual flaw in the current age has to be the thick bezels around the screen. In the current world when phones, laptops, and tablets have moved onto having thin bezels or completely bezel less designs, the iMac continues to have thick bezels. However, the upcoming iMac is expected to have very thin bezels around the display, similar to the Apple Pro XDR Display which was released alongside the tower style Mac Pro in 2019.

Redesigned iMac to launch later this year

Apple Silicon to power the new iMac

The major difference on the next generation iMac compared to the current generation iMac will be the chip. Apple is expected to use its own chips in the next generation iMac, part of its plan to transition to Apple Silicon from Intel in two years. The company announced the transition to Apple Silicon at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2020.

Redesigned iMac to launch later this year
iMac Pro

Apple has already discontinued the iMac Pro which was released in 2017. The iMac Pro was an inbetween computer – it was a machine that was meant to satisfy professional consumers before the release of the tower style Mac Pro. Last year, the company updated the 27” iMac to include faster 10th gen Intel chips, newer graphic cards, and also built in a higher resolution 1080p video camera.

The redesigned iMac could also ship with an updated wireless keyboard and mouse combo. The current generation Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse are difficult to use as they require to be charged using a Lightning cable and the Magic Mouse does not work when it has to be charged.