Apple is planning to release an updated version of the MacBook Air sometime this year or in 2022, according to Bloomberg’s noted Apple reporter Mark Gurman. The laptop will reportedly be lighter and thinner compared to the current generation MacBook Air.

Apple planning redesigned MacBook Air with MagSafe, smaller bezels

The recently released (November 2020) MacBook Air is a very interesting machine. It is powered by Apple’s first ARM based chip for the Mac – the M1. The chip has shook the entire computer industry as Apple has been able to pack heavy performance in a thing and light laptop.

Best laptop to get better

The M1 MacBook Air is one of the best laptops Apple has made in a long time. The 2021 or 2022 MacBook Air will very likely build on the strong base the 2020 MacBook Air has created.

M1 MacBook Air
M1 MacBook Air

The two major complaints with the 2020 M1 MacBook Air have been the thick bezels around the screen and the mediocre 720p webcam. The bezels around the screen is not a major issue but having smaller bezels around the screen would be appreciated on the next version of MacBook Air. The webcam, however, needs to updated as soon as possible, especially because almost everyone is working from home in the current scenario and require a quality video calling experience.

Bloomberg reports that the upcoming redesigned MacBook Air will have a smaller footprint because of the smaller bezels. The report also adds that the laptop will feature a port for the upcoming magnetic MagSafe charging cable. Apple killed the MagSafe on the Mac in 2016 when it introduce the current design language MacBook Pros and in 2018, the MacBook Air received the same treatment.

The upcoming redesigned MacBook Air will very likely be expensive versions of the MacBook Air with a newer M-series chip. Bloomberg reports that Apple will continue to sell the current generation M1 MacBook Air even after the release of the redesigned MacBook Air. 


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