Spotify’s Mac app along with its web player are getting a new look similar to the iOS app design. Cleaner 

Spotify Mac App

The change aims to deliver a better user experience with a cleaner and streamlined interface across web, desktop and mobile platforms. With the simpler and more familiar layout, users should be able to easily and quickly navigate the app. The macOS revamp relocates the search feature from the top towards the left side. Listener profile page additions include top artists, tracks, and new to the menu ‘More’ for starting a radio station. Users can modify playlists with tracks, descriptions, images and utilize the search bar which is embedded for adding content. 

Redesigned Spotify Mac App matches the look of iOS

Keyboards shortcuts have also been incorporated, where pressing Command + ? will show you the full list. The Mac app version update can be downloaded from the Spotify web player. It’s likewise available on the Epic games Store and Microsoft Store for Windows. 


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