Refreshed iMac will release this year, reports suggest

Abhay Ram
By Abhay Ram  - News Editor
Refreshed iMac will release this year, reports suggest

The iMac is old, period. Apple has not truly updated the design of the iMac in almost 11 years now. Well, the 2012 update was not truly a major design update but rather a slimming down which is still considerable but on the front side of the iMac, there has been no change. The 2009 Aluminium iMac and the current generation iMacs look completely identical from the front.

For years now, Apple has been rumoured to be working on an all new bezel less or a slimmed down bezel iMac version but each year ended with no news from Apple. However, major sources now confirm that the iMac will indeed receive a major refresh this year as the company moves away from Intel chips to using their own custom ARM based Apple silicon in the Macs.

Refreshed iMac will release this year, reports suggest

However, there are some contrasting reports as well. While some suggest that the upcoming iMac will use Intel chips, some suggest that the upcoming iMac will be Apple’s own ARM based Apple silicon. Apple CEO Tim Cook said during the WWDC keynote that the company is planning to release the first Apple silicon Mac by the end of 2020 and also added that the company has some Intel Macs also in the pipeline.

So it’s impossible to comment on whether the upcoming iMac will use Intel chips or Apple’s own silicon. Nonetheless, it is clear that Apple will indeed release a new refreshed iMac, hopefully with a new design. Also, the current generation iMacs continue to receive heat from consumers and tech reviewers for packing the very old spinning hard disk (HDD) and not super fast SSDs.

The iMac was once the #1 Desktop in the US in terms of customer satisfaction. It very likely does not hold that position anymore but it could in the future if Apple gets it right.

By Abhay Ram News Editor
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