Registration for Apple store AR experiences now open


Apple has announced that registration for AR experiences are now open at various Apple Stores.

Apple Store AR

ART Walks will be held in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris, London, New York and San Francisco Apple Store, featuring various augmented reality works from premier contemporary artists.

All Apple Stores will have ART Lab sessions that will teach people how to create augmented reality via an app called Swift Playgrounds. Sarah Rothberg, a New York-based educator and artist will show individuals how to interact with whimsical objects and experience immersive sounds.

Also, there will be an AR based art installation that can be viewed in every Apple Store around the world. Those interested can download the [AR]T Viewer in the App Store and get to see and interact with the ‘Amass’ piece created by Nick Cave.

Visit the website Today at Apple to register for the new AR experience free of charge, which will become available starting August 10.

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