Rejected Apple Newton VideoPad prototype to go on auction

A rare and never-before-seen Apple VideoPad 2 will be headlining a selection of Apple devices that will go on auction in November.

90s prototype Apple devices rarely appear on the auction block and eBay. In the Bonhams-sponsored auction event the Apple VideoPad 2, which was supposed to be launched alongside the MessagePad will be sold to the highest bidder on November 3.

The auction house listed the item as ‘a unique prototype design for the Apple VideoPad 2, the only surviving concept prototype for the VideoPad PDA’. According to the description, there were three designs in total for the VideoPads which were made from 1993 to 1995.

The VideoPads were viewed as the successor to the Newton MessagePad and featured video conferencing. However, the Newton line was scrapped by Steve Jobs upon his return in 1997.

The VideoPad 2 prototype has a guide price of somewhere between $8k to $12k and will appear alongside Macintosh, iPad and eMate 300 prototypes and a Steve Jobs handwritten letter.

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