Apple now has added a new element in its France website- repairability scores. This new feature meets the new ‘Right to Repair’ law and tells the consumer how easy or difficult a particular Apple product is to repair.

Apple France website

The repairability score is displayed right alongside details of Apple products and is a measure of 1 to 10. The scale will tell customers about a product’s repairability, with 1 being unrepairable and 10 being repairable. The French Ministry of Ecological Transition has come up with the scale in compliance with the Right to Repair laws in the region.

At a glance it seems like the iPhone 12 lineup has a higher repairability score (6.0) compared to the iPhone 11 lineup (4.6) The iPhone SE 2nd gen has a rating of 6.2, while the iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 Plus all received a score of 6.6. The iPhone 7 boasts the highest score at 6.7.


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