Report spots ten ad fraud apps in App Store

Bleeping Computer recently published a report about ten apps maliciously working as ad frauds in the App Store.

The mobile apps were discovered by security researchers, who labeled the ad fraud campaign as ‘Scylla’. These apps impersonate real apps but had users swamped with ads when they open it. The researchers say that it’s the 3rd fraud operation wave that began August 2019, and something that Apple had been fighting with for nearly three years now.

App Store

The names of the apps are Fire-Wall, Tony Runs, Racing Legend 3D, Run Bridge, Ninja Critical Hit, Wood Sculptor, Loot the Castle, Shinning Gun and Rope Runner. It’s recommended that those who have these apps should delete them as soon as possible.

On a similar note, there were 70-plus fraud ad apps found in the Google Play Store. It seems that Apple’s review team is more thorough and has a more stringent requirement or process, although there were still some that went through.