Reporter reveals story of the infamous Steve Jobs ‘iPhone Toss’

A CNET reporter by the name of Roger Cheng recently recalled the infamous incident where former Apple CEO Steve Jobs threw an iPhone to show off its durability.

Today marks the anniversary of Jobs’ passing. Cheng shared a story online about a past event where the former CEO invited reporters to check out an early prototype of the original iPhone.

In 2007, Jobs had a group of reporters meet up with him in an early iPhone demo in New York. At one point a reporter asked how durable the prototype iPhone was, to which Jobs responded by suddenly throwing the device into the middle of the room. As silence filled the room reporters craned their necks to see if the device was broken, but it was relatively unscathed.

Cheng underscored how Jobs was the kind of showman in his presentations, something that he carried with him throughout his life.

Apple maintains a ‘Remembering Steve’ page with messages from individuals across the globe.

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