Respiratory study uses Apple Watch to predict COVID

Apple has partnered up with Washington University researchers on how the Apple Watch could predict the flu and coronavirus.

The coronavirus study program aims to see if the data collected by Apple’s smartwatch and iPhone could be used to check for respiratory illness in its early stages. Participants of the study will be given an Apple Watch as part of the program.

The recruitment page specifically states that participants must be in Seattle as its residents are more likely to acquire respiratory illnesses due to constant exposure via work, health conditions and other activities.

The 6-month study will have participants reporting their conditions and answering survey questions using the Apple Research app on their iPhones. Participants who get sick during the study will be provided an in-home COVID-19 testing kit and told to ‘take additional health measures using the Apple Watch’.

Seattle Flu Study, Apple and the University of Washington will be spearheading the respiratory study.

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