A public developer community survey for iOS has recently concluded, and results have gone live. The 2,000-strong survey reveals important factoids such as the state of Swift, the most popular revenue streams and more.


Dave Verwer, an indie iOS developer has put together the developer community survey in hopes that it offers insights on what the iOS developer community is thinking in regards to Apple platform development.

Results of Public iOS Developer Community

Survey responders were fairly pleased with Swift, Apple’s programming language- it earned an 8.3 out of 10. Interest for creating apps on iOS was an 8.5 out of 10 for business, while development for the Apple Watch and Mac were 4.9 and 3 out of 10, respectively. Interest for AR tech using ‘today’s hardware’ was ranked 3.3 of 10 for business purposes.

iOS Developer Community Survey

The most popular revenue platform was free (at 40%), followed by subscription (at 13.4%), paid up front and free w/ in-app purchases.

Results of Public iOS Developer

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