REvil collaborator arrested by US DoJ

The United States Department of Justice has recently arrested Yaroslav Vasinskyi, a Ukranian who was involved in ransomware attacks against US government entities and businesses.

In April, the group REvil conducted a hack that stole 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pro schematics, and sent out extortion threats to Apple saying they want $50 million to keep the documents from leaking online.

Then in May, the same organization went on a cyberattack that caused the US gas shortages. Several months after, REvil targeted thousands of businesses with a management software vulnerability.

The Department of Justice stated that Vasinskyi was arrested in Poland due to taking part in the Kaseya hack. Currently, the man is waiting for a US extradition where he will be put on trial.

Vasinskyi has been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering and other counts, which could equal more than a hundred years in prison.

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