Revised MagSafe charger revealed in new Apple FCC filing

September is the much-awaited month and brings with it the expected launch of the iPhone 13. Ahead of the event Apple has recently filed several FCC updates regarding its MagSafe charger.

A new version of the wireless charging technology gives a glimpse of a possible new lineup of MagSafe accessories that could go with the new iPhones. Model A2548 was recently introduced into the database, and Apple submitted the test unit on August 13. It’s worthy to note that the FCC identifier for the original MagSafe charger is A2140.

MagSafe Charger

The FCC then tried the new unit on eight iPhone models, four of which have ‘Legacy Phone’ markers which is believed to be the current iPhone 12 lineup. The other four carried the ‘New Phone’ markers and might be the new iPhone 13 models.

Revised MagSafe charger

The recent filing suggests the rumors of a stronger magnet technology for the iPhone 13 might be true. Apple is expected to reveal its upcoming special event by Tuesday.