Ring Floodlight and Echo Dot Bundle gets 30% off

Here’s a chance to round out your smart home security while saving money at the same time. The bundled package of Ring Floodlight and Echo Dot Bundle is now just $209.99, down $89 from its original price of $298.99 on Amazon.

The Echo Dot and Ring Floodlight allows you to speak, see and hear visitors on your PC, tablet or smartphone and get alerts when motion is detected. The smart floodlight has ultra bright LEDs and advanced motion detection technology to check for intruders. A remote activated siren scares away bad elements hanging around your house.

Ring Floodlight Camera

Connect your Ring Floodlight with Echo Dot and you can speak commands such as ‘talk to the front door’ and others. You can also tailor the security settings via audio privacy, customizable privacy zones and similar features.

Getting the lowest price for a useful piece of tech like home security is always a plus. Get the Ring Floodlight + Echo Dot while you can!