Rioters smashed and looted Apple Stores amid George Floyd protests


Several Apple stores have become a target and the rioters have smashed and looted a few stores during the ongoing protests for seeking justice for George Floyd. The death of the unarmed man at the hands of the police has caused unrest in more than 30 cities across the country. 

Apple Stores Amid George Floyd Protests

These protests have now become a constant threat for several business owners in the USA. Apple stores have also become a target and people have damaged and also looted a few Apple stores.

According to the images provided by AppleInsider, the Apple retail store at Pioneer Place in Portland Oregon that had a thirty-foot tall window was smashed by the rioters. Apple had just reopened the store two days ago before these protests started. It will require extensive repair for the damages done, but it can still reopen for the customers. 

In another video that was recorded by Zane Sparling of The Portland Tribune shows that the people are robbing the dark store and raking several Apple products with them which include the stock on the shelves and also the display units. 

In a report by BusinessInsisder the Hennepin Avenue Apple Store located in Minneapolis was also broken and looted by the people. An Apple store in Washington D.C was also looted by people. Caleb Hall posted a video on Twitter and wrote, “The entire Apple store in DC has been looted.” Another twitter user Smoke posted a video of Apple store being looted in Philadelphia.  Several user accounts are reporting the same incident with Apple Stores in many other cities across the USA. 

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