Roav Viva Pro adds vehicular Alexa functionality at 50% Off


Looking for something more than just a car mount for hands-free phone use while driving? How about getting Alexa functionality, which can unlock a whole world of possibilities? For instance, you can say ‘Alexa, what’s the weather?’ or ‘Alexa, change my appointment’ and more.

Roav Viva Pro Adds Vehicular Alexa Functionality at 50% Off

Roav Viva Pro

Right now, you can get the Anker Roav Viva Pro for just $34.99, down $35 from its usual price of $69.99 on Amazon. That’s a 50% discount on a superbly handy car accessory with voice control features.

You can connect the Viva Pro via Bluetooth, Android Auto, FM transmission, Aux or Carplay. The device offers high speed charging via dual ports and Anker’s PowerIQ technology. Have the built-in Alexa play music, read an audiobook, get directions and much, much more without ever touching your iPhone.

The 50 percent off Anker Roav Viva Pro is an excellent deal, and you can be sure that the stocks won’t last long. If you like the Viva Pro’s features, go ahead and purchase it today!

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