Roku’s Flagship Streaming Media Player with AirPlay 2 Support is 30% Off

If the sound of a 4K HDR streaming device with notable upgrades sounds like a good deal, then you should pay attention to this deal. Today, the Roku Ultra Streaming Device is down to just $69 from its original price of $100 on Amazon.

Roku bills the Ultra as ‘the ultimate player’, and it has the specifications to back up those claims. The interface is quick and responsive, and the apps load fast and are smooth as well. It has wifi or ethernet options depending on your preference.

Roku Ultra boasts 4K and Dolby Vision support, and you can control it via AirPlay 2 and HomeKit, among others. The included remote can control the volume, power your TV and work the streaming interface, thus eliminating the need for multiples. Last but not least, the remote has a built-in headphone jack for wired headphones for private listening.

At 30 percent off, the Roku Ultra Streaming Device is too good to pass up on. Buy it today!

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