Rumored Details About The iPad Air 2020

Rumors about the iPad Air 4’s specs, new features and price are already circulating the world wide web, which has everyone excited.

What will the new iPad Air 2020 have? More importantly, how much will it cost, and will it be any different than its predecessor?

iPad Air 2020

iPad Air 2020 Release Date & Specs

Sources say that the iPad Air 4 might have a tentative release date of March 2020. In terms of design, the new iPad device might probably support Face ID, thin bezels, zero notches or home buttons. The newest iPad Air iteration may also tout an OLED screen, dual lens camera, mouse support and a huge improvement in RAM. Also, the A12 Apple processor may very well be replaced with the more powerful A13.

Last but not least, the price. The iPad Air 4 may have several price points that won’t be far from what Apple is offering on their iPad Air 2019 variants. Market forecasts, economy and fluctuations may play a part in the iPad Air 2020’s final price.