Rumored ‘Giant iMac’ on the horizon

Consumers waiting for the large-screen Mac will have to wait longer, as per Mark Gurman.

Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman recently revealed that Apple is still working on an upscaled model of the 24-inch Mac, which hasn’t surfaced so far this year. Gurman’s report said that the Cupertino-based company is still in the experimental phase for big-screen iMacs. Also, he said that development is still in the early stage that ‘a lot could change’.

Giant iMac

As for the size, Gurman believes that there will be a 32-inch iMac on the way. However, the analyst doubts that Apple will release one soon, and it won’t probably come to light until 2024. Since the 27-inch iMac was discontinued fans have been waiting for its successor. Aside from the larger screen, other potential future iMac features may include a new stand style and thinner bezels. There were also some rumors saying that Apple will release a 42-inch iMac in 2027.