Rumors of Apple Car schematics shown in 2020 revealed

Nikkei Asia has reported that an Apple parts manager came to Japanese company Sanden in an effort to share Apple Car schematics in 2020.

Sanden and Apple were rumored to be in discussion on how parts could be fitted into the self-driving vehicle. Sanden is a Japanese firm whose specialty lies in manufacturing aircon parts for automobiles.

Apple Car

However, that year Sande presented a debt restructuring process due to financial struggles and the COVID-19 pandemic, and apparently the talks died down with it.

The report did not have any other details of the current plans regarding Apple Car, but it did show an insight that Apple had been pursuing the electric vehicle product for a while now.

Mark Gurman, Bloomberg analyst believes that Apple is targeting a 2025 launch for its self-driving vehicle and is apparently ramping up the project. However, trouble with keeping key employees and several setbacks have made the launch date uncertain.