Safari on iPadOS Being Optimized To Display Websites In Desktop Mode

In line with Apple’s promise to turn iPads into potential “desktop replacements”, the Safari browser for the iPadOS will be getting improvements, notably turning websites into their desktop versions.

Changes, such as having Safari retrieve the desktop version of a site first before switching to mobile, and enabling keyboard and touch input on popular sites are being implemented for the eventual release of the iPadOS. Moreover, Safari on iPadOS will switch from iOS to macOS via user agent for aligning the site’s desktop functionality.

Safari iPadOS

Other changes to the iPad’s operating system in its shift from mobile to a computer replacement include a new Home screen, better Apple Pencil support, added key shortcuts for physical keyboards, a Split View for multi-tasking purposes and more. All of these are signs that Apple is serious about turning your iPad into a productivity powerhouse.

The iPadOS is set to be released along with iOS 13 this fall.