Safari Streaming Support Added to Sling TV

Live streaming on the Safari is now officially supported by Sling TV. Before, it was only limited to Edge and Chrome and on iOS apps and the Apple TV.

Also, Sling TV initially had an app for the Mac that supported streaming, but it was discontinued in July 2018. Since then, macOS users had to get either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome to continue watching Sling TV on their computers.

Sling TV

Sling TV

Today, Sling TV has officially released support for streaming on Safari, which it had promised in July. One requirement is that you had to have the browser updated to the 11.1 version.

Interestingly, competitor AT&T TV Now has dropped Safari support for their streaming services since 2017 and only supports Chrome without any foreseeable changes in the future.

Sling TV is a US-only streaming service that offers your favorite channels at an affordable price. You can learn more by visiting its official website.