Samsung 27-inch curved gaming monitor is now $279.99


You could be wondering how much it would take to upgrade your monitor to a bigger and curved one, with a higher refresh rate and g-sync compatibility. Thanks to this Amazon deal you won’t have to spend as much!

Samsung 27 inch Curved Gaming Monitor

Today, the Samsung 27 inch Curved Gaming Monitor CRG5 is down to just $279.99 from its original price of $399.99 on Amazon. That’s a superb 30% discount, or $120 you can take advantage of when you click on ‘Buy Now’ today.

Samsung’s first 240Hz gaming monitor is sleek and powerful. The 1500R curved aspect wraps to your field of vision and delivers a viewing experience like no other. It also has a 3000: 1 contrast ratio for excellent clarity and 240Hz refresh rate so you can say goodbye to input lag forever.

The 27 inch monitor is also g-sync compatible and offers multiple game modes for auto-adjusting of color, sharpness, contrast and black gamma levels. Buy it today!


Samantha Wiley

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