Samsung and LG to supply iPhone 14 Pro Max and Pro Displays


The Elec, a Korean website reported that Samsung and LG will be the sole suppliers of next year’s iPhone 14 Pro Max and Pro displays.

Samsung and LG to Supply iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo mentioned that the new iPhone models will do away with the notch and instead have a hole-punch design, which is a common feature in Android phones and brands.

Kuo also believes that the design will appear on high end iPhone models, and if successful will be added to all iPhone models in 2022 and beyond.

Samsung is set to be the provider of the hole-punched panels for the iPhone 14 Pro, which will have a 6.1 inch screen. For the Pro Max version, Samsung will be sharing with LG for the 6.7 inch screen.

A notchless display presents an interesting wrinkle, particularly Face ID technology. It’s said that Apple might fix this problem by placing it under the screen.


Samantha Wiley

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