The Samsung Galaxy Fold are Breaking

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung released its first folding smartphone and people went crazy over that amazing innovation. After all, it was the first android cellphone without the risk of getting your screen panel cracked. Unfortunately, things didn’t work as Samsung planned.

Most of the people who purchased the Samsung Galaxy Fold are now complaining about their phones getting cracked the next day. Recently, we’ve seen a wave of tweets in which people are going mad over this new folding screen technology by Samsung.


Samsung is investigating this issue in a serious manner and we hope that this time they will not disappoint us.

Why is the Galaxy Fold Breaking?

According to Samsung, they’ve installed a plastic film layer on the foldable screen. The purpose of the top plastic layer is to protect it from damage. If you remove that protective film and add something with the adhesive property, it may cause damage or scratches to your phone’s screen. So, make sure not to remove the plastic protection from your screen. The company itself is trying to deliver this important information to their customers so that everyone may save itself from further risks.

This whole scenario can cause serious trouble for Samsung, as it can hit the image of this amazing brand. Let’s see how Samsung respond to this issue in the future.

  1. These are reviewers…And only a few folks experienced a failure related to the “not a screen protector.” The others were just usage.

  2. You’d think Samsung would give reviewers the “best” units assembled, and not pre-release things that are barely holding together, given that Samsung has already begun preselling them and are going to ship in a couple weeks…

    And Samsung is trying to blow it off as being related to people removing that protective screen.

    Except….this same screen failure problem is happening to reviewers who didn’t remove that protective screen. And the fault doesn’t appear to be from external impacts with the screen or the hinge, but from internal issues related to folding the screen in half.

    I would bet on the sh!t hitting the fan at Samsung, and best case, they delay the actual release of this product to buying customers until this problem is fixed. If not, there will be a lot of very p!ssed off customers.

    These are literally the BEST customers you have, the ones who will drop $2K on a phone cuz it’s the latest and greatest. They will not be happy if it only works for a couple days and they need to ship it off to get fixed and go back to their old phone…

  3. This is exactly why Apple will never rush into an immature new tech. If the user experience is not great, then the damage is worse than taking that prize of being the first.

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