Samsung has an iTest website for iPhone users who want to try Android

Samsung has made a webpage that invites iPhone users to try out the Android environment.

The new platform, called ‘iTest‘ simulates the Galaxy device experience. Users will be asked to install a web application on their iPhone’s home screen. Once completed, launching it will give a simulation of using a Galaxy phone. Some of the functions include simulated text messages and phone calls, as well as change the theme and browse in the Galaxy Store.


Samsung mentioned that they won’t be able to replicate all functions, but users would see that it’s not too hard to ‘switch’ to the other side.

The ‘iTest’ platform was made to try and draw iOS users to the Android ecosystem. In early 2021 it was reported that Apple users tend to stay while Android users are decreasing in numbers. Samsung’s Galaxy phone simulator is available to try now and only requires a web browser.