Samsung to produce iPhone NAND chips for the Chinese market

Apple is reportedly looking to purchase NAND chips for iPhone buyers in China.

US regulations have forced the Cupertino-based company to buy its RAM components elsewhere. Usually, Apple sources from YMTC, or Yangtse Memory Technologies Co and planned to get the 128-layer chips for the iPhone. The RAM is slower compared to Samsung and Micron’s but they are more cost-efficient.

iPhone NAND Chips

In October, Apple stopped the purchase of the NAND chips from YMTC and will be sourcing from Samsung Electronics. The chips will be used to make iPhones in China for 2023, and they may become a component in the iPhone 15 lineup or as part of the iPhone 14 production.

Samsung supplied components for Apple before- in the last 20 years, the South Korean firm manufactured iPad and iPhone processors, RAM for varying Apple products, and the screen for the iPhone 14 Pro. Samsung will see increased orders as alternative supplies are low.