Samsung to retrieve all Galaxy Fold devices

A few days ago, Samsung had sent out many units of the Galaxy Fold to reviewers. However, almost all reviewers started to face an issue with the display issue. According to Reuters, Samsung has now announced to retrieve all its review units of the Galaxy Fold that they had sent distributed.

Reviewers had faced flickering and other issues with the screen upon testing it out. Since Samsung had added something that protects the folding display, many reviewers tried to remove it off the screen thinking it was a normal screen protector that ended up the screen being dead. Although, the company did mention not to remove the protector on the instruction manual which no one really reads.

Galaxy Fold by Samsung

Therefore, Samsung will retrieve those review units and have decided to delay its relaunch date for the Galaxy Fold. Although the device was planned to release on April 26th, Samsung has decided to delay its public release. That being said, the company hasn’t made any statements regarding the new public release date yet.

“On the bright side, we have an opportunity to nail down this issue and fix it before selling the phones to a massive audience, so they won’t have same complaints,” said a Samsung employee, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Official Video

As the Galaxy Fold launches publicly, it is set to be available from $1,980. Would you try out the Galaxy Fold upon its public release? Let us know in the comments below.