Samsung World Cup ad mocks Apple again

Samsung’s latest ad teases Apple for not having a foldable iPhone.

The newest ad is themed around the World Cup. Galaxy Flip phones are gathered around a soccer stadium that’s similar to the 2022 World Cup. The Flip models are doing somersaults as they cheer alongside smartphones that stand still and have crying face emojis displayed on their screens. The non-flipping phones are made to resemble iPhones.

Samsung World Cup Ad

At the end of the video, Samsung says ‘it’s time to fold together’ as a slight tease to the Cupertino-based company. The ad can be seen posted on Samsung’s official Weibo account. The language is Chinese, and the video is just 15 seconds long.

The latest ad from the South Korean company is not the first in mocking Apple. Last month, Samsung launched an ad for being behind in the foldable smartphone race. Near the end of the video, a fake Apple employee says ‘because that’s what we do. We wait’.