Experience the latest surround sound for movies, shows and music with a 5-channel soundbar. Today, you can enjoy an $80 off discount with the Samsung S Series Soundbar with Built-in Alexa at just $197.99, down $80 from its original price of $278 on Amazon.

SAMSUNG 5.0ch S61A Amazon Exclusive S Series Soundbar

A premium soundbar is difficult to find nowadays, but Samsung’s offering stands out as a great deal. A center speaker blurts out dialogues nice and loud, while the side horn has an acoustic beam with room-filling audio technology.

Alexa is also built in the soundbar, so you can call upon the voice assistant for handling smart things. Furthermore, it’s AirPlay 2 supported, so you can stream your favorite Apple Music tracks via an iOS device.

A TV or desktop computer won’t be complete without premium sound. You can get a branded, 5 channel Alexa soundbar at $80 off. Get the Samsung S Series Soundbar with Built-in Alexa today!


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