Samsung’s Studio Display alternative to arrive in the US

The Samsung ViewFinity S9 5K Display will arrive on US shores on August.

The ViewFinity S9 is billed as a budget-friendly alternative to the Apple Studio Display. The company said that it will be available to buy starting August at the official website and select retailers with a price tag of $1,599.99. The cost difference is 99 cents and the ViewFinity S9 is actually more expensive, but there are added features such as a height-adjustable stand.

Samsung’s Studio Display

Consumers first caught a glimpse of the ViewFinity S9 at the CES 2023, and then in South Korea. Now, the company has announced a date of when the Studio Display competitor will arrive in the US. The two products have identical 5K, 27-inch screens, internal speakers, and Thunderbolt 4 connectivity. However, Samsung has a matte finish while Apple sports a reflective and nanotexture finish. The ViewFinity S9 also supports smartphone color calibration via an app.