SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SSD is $30 off today

Most portable flash drives only fall in the 32 to 64GB niche. Forward-thinking innovators such as SanDisk, however, aim to break the norm, as is their goal when they made the 1TB Extreme Portable External SSD.

Today, you can snag the 1TB portable SSD drive at just $137.37, down $27.58 from its original price of $164.95 on Amazon.

sandisk extreme portable ssd 1tb

Once you get a taste of a 1TB flash drive you’ll never go back! SanDisk’s SSD packs high speed transfers on up to 550mbps, while the casing is dust- and water-resistant as well as shock-resistant to a high degree. Its rugged shell can withstand everyday wear and tear and live to tell the tale.

As for the size, it’s smaller than a standard smartphone and comes with USB-C and USB A, which means it’s compatible with virtually all PCs and Macs.

SanDisk is an industry leader when it comes to storage. Buy the discounted Extreme Portable 1TB external SSD today!