Satechi’s MagSafe Car Mount Charger Drops $12

Upgrade to a MagSafe charger for your car mount and experience all the benefits it has to offer. Today, the Satechi MagSafe Charging Car Mount is down to just $32.99 from its original price of $45 on Amazon.

Magnets on a car mount charger is actually a stroke of genius, since you can operate, navigate or conduct a call in hands-free mode. Simply place your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 onto the charging surface and it should immediately stick. You’ll need a magnetic sticker for non-supported iPhones to make it work. For an iPhone 13 the charger produces up to 7.5w of power so you can continue using it when you’re out of the car.

Satechi’s MagSafe Car Mount Charger

Satechi’s car phone mount can be used on an air vent, with padded clamps providing a strong and secure grip. At $12 off and at just $33, it’s an upgrade that’s definitely worth your time. Buy it today!