Save $15 on the Smart Keyboard for iPad and iPad Air

Samantha Wiley
By Samantha Wiley  - Senior News Editor
Smart Keyboard for iPad and iPad Air

Having an Apple Smart Keyboard is one of the best ways to use your iPad and iPad Air. Now you can work anywhere anytime without any hassle. Thanks to the Smart Keyboard you now get a seamless typing experience using your iPad and iPad Air. It converts into a slim, durable front cover when you’re on the go.

Smart Keyboard for iPad

What’s best is that when you buy it on Amazon, you also get a $15.01 discount. The original price of this Smart Keyboard is $159, when you buy it on Amazon you only have to pay $$143.99. 

Smart Keyboard for iPad and iPad Air

The design is amazing. It is sleek and very comfortable to carry around. Buttons are easy to press. This Smart Keyboard is compatible with the iPad Air (3rd generation) and iPad (7th generation) models. It has two viewing angles. Now you can switch between angles whenever you want for ideal viewing. 

It is portable and very useful. You can always unfold the full-size Smart Keyboard when you need it, then fold it to create a durable and lightweight cover when you don’t. There is also no need for batteries to charge it. 

Apple offers a lower price for this Smart Keyboard at Amazon.  You can buy it for $143.99 instead of $159. 

By Samantha Wiley Senior News Editor
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